Información de The Iberoamerican ICT Industry will meet next 17-21 March in Portugal
The Iberoamerican ICT Industry will meet next 17-21 March in Portugal

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The XXIX Assembly of ALETI will take place next March 19-2 during the INTERNATIONAL IT CONFERENCES - CONNECTING CONTINENTS & MARKETS organized by ANETIE, the National IT & Electronics Industry Association of Portugal.

The event aims to highlight and raise Portugal and its IT companies, as an international reference sector and strengthen its competitive advantages as a privileged geo-strategic position as well as a business platform recognized among continents and markets, at European, American and African level.

The proposed agenda for the Event "INTERNATIONAL IT CONFERENCES - CONNECTING CONTINENTS & MARKETS", will be based on 5 distinct moments. The first one, Committee and Board Meetings of WITSA, on a closed session. A second moment with the Official Opening of the FUTURITY PAVILLION - Roadshow Login>PT, which will include a thematic seminar on "The Tomorrow: Smart Cities, Smart World", followed by a roadshow with the latest technological trends 2D/3D of several Portuguese Companies, including augmented reality, holograms, interactive games, among others, in which we desire to provide our guests having an unique technological experience.

The third moment, exclusively dedicated to ANETIE Conference, which will approach relevant issues and subjects such as Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Knowledge, Funding and Venture Capitals, through mechanisms like the Business Angels, and Internationalization based on the support programs like Horizon 2020, Iberoeka, CYTED, among other funding programs. For the presentation of these four themes, the ANETIE will feature a remarkable panel of national and international keynote speakers, experts in the different approaches, which will be presenting and discuss their successes, the present reality and the future of ICT, as well as the pedagogy associated to the underachievement and to the rebuilding.

At the end of this third moment, ANETIE will sign with their counterparts WITSA, ALETI and Digital Europe, an Collaboration Agreement, whose main objective will be the focus on promoting and fostering economic and trade relations, in particular, the dynamization of the ICT Sector, with all the possibilities for diversification and development of trades and the potential for investment and cooperation between Portugal, Europe and Latin America.

The fourth moment will be devoted to Corporate activities, as the Business Networking Meetings (B2B) between Portuguese Companies and Foreign Entrepreneurs that will accompanying the delegations of ALETI and WITSA and visit to some of the incubators of the StartUpCity Lisbon. In parallel, on closed session, will be held for the first time the launching meeting of the Measuring the IT Industry Globally. The IT Industry Barometer Initiative: Next Steps, promoted by WITSA and other Members of this Task Force.

Finally, a fifth moment, this one also from restricted nature, where it will take place the XXIX Assembly of ALETI, and with which we will end this intense week, dedicated entirely to ICT, under the motto of INTERNATIONAL IT CONFERENCES - CONNECTING CONTINENTS & MARKETS, and with HOPEFULNESS as the word of command!

More information please contact Mrs. Ana Raquel Relvas -emailL: RRELVAS@ANETIE.PT

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