You may have full information on our range of products through our list, contained in an Excel spreadsheet.

To know the prices of our range of spare parts, sets, geared motors and other special items, just open the list.

If you would like to put an order, we suggest that you save the spreadsheet to your PC, open it, type-in the desired quantities, save it, and send us a copy attached to an e-mail.Alternatively, you can print and fax us your order.

The list informs FOB retail prices (FOB = Free On Board, ie: prices prior to shipping), and computes shipping and discounts.

The list informs prices for the following standard finishes:

  • Liverpool red/green
  • Calais blue/yellow/zinc coating

Other special finishes are available but must be specially quoted:
  • Blue & gold
  • Nickel plating
  • Grey
  • Binns road yellow
  • Crane set yellow
  • Olive drab
  • Satin black

Special finishes carry special prices to be quoted in each case. We can send samples of these colours, just ask for those you need please.


There are different ways to pay for your orders:

- For small orders usually a Western Union or a Moneygram transfer is best. Under certain conditions using this method will let you enjoy an additional discount, please consult. Residents of USA and some other countries can order Western Union transfers on-line with a valid credit or debit card (see Western Union website)

- Another safe and economical option is sending a bank draft or travellers cheques by registered insured mail

- An electronic bank transfer to our account is another practical method, usually best for larger orders

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